At Lincoln House Blog - 09/2016

Whether the goal is economic development, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, or healthier places, investing meaningfully in communities requires a mix of public, philanthropic, and for-profit investment. But many communities lack the environment and the institutions that can help...Read more »
September 26, 2016
Photo of Tampa Convention Center
For years, communities have faced a basic question about tax increment finance, better known as TIF: do they stimulate economic development, or merely capture revenue from growth that is already occurring? A Lincoln Institute delegation at last month’s annual conference of the International...Read more »
A New Jersey house partially destroyed by Hurricane Sandy
In the face of rising sea levels, more frequent and severe storms, and other climate change risks, flood-prone communities need to give greater consideration to strategic retreat through buyouts, a policy tool for removing residential development from the most vulnerable areas.Read more »
Representatives from nearly 200 nations, as well as an array of non-governmental organizations and foundations including the Lincoln Institute, are gearing up for Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador next month. Important steps will be taken there, including the adoption of the New Urban Agenda, a global...Read more »
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