At Lincoln House Blog - 03/2016

The property tax, a mainstay of local government, is the subject of continual controversy, with numerous ballot measure to place caps on it, or even in some cases proposals to eliminate it completely. But in fact it is a fair, democratic, stable and efficient source local revenue, attorney and...Read more »
Leaders from UN-Habitat and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy signed an agreement this month to create a pilot for a global municipal fiscal database that will result in the reporting of fiscal data for select cities in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The signing ceremony was attended by Dr...Read more »
As local governments continue their struggle to recover from the Great Recession, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy has expanded a signature interactive database to allow for the meaningful comparison of finances across 150 U.S. cities, just one piece of a larger effort to make public finances...Read more »
A delegation from the Lincoln Institute is on the ground this week in Prague for the UN-HABITAT Europe Regional Meeting for Habitat III, continuing our engagement in the run-up to the global cities summit in Quito, Ecuador this fall, with an emphasis on financing the New Urban Agenda. Presentations...Read more »
At $3.7 trillion, the U.S. municipal bond market is so massive it is incomprehensible to many citizens. And as the source of financing for two thirds of schools, roads, hospitals, and other infrastructure, it is critical to the quality of life of states, cities and towns of all sizes. A financial...Read more »
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