At Lincoln House Blog - 02/2016

February 23, 2016
Sometimes, tax incentives can be useful. Public officials can offer them to encourage a company to clean up and reuse land in a struggling postindustrial city, or open a grocery store in a food desert. But more often than not, cities and states provide tax breaks in a desperate attempt to compete...Read more »
The world is watching China, not only for its impact on global financial markets, but also to see how the country’s unprecedented urbanization will continue to unfold amid a changing economy. Having grown at scale unseen in human history, China’s cities now face an economic slowdown and potential...Read more »
The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy has introduced a new logo, tagline and statement about its role and the impact it seeks as part of a broader effort to refresh the organization’s public presence and reach a wider audience. The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is an independent, nonpartisan...Read more »
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