At Lincoln House Blog - 01/2016

Middlebury College is the first recipient of a new award for academic institutions that drive innovative land conservation, in recognition of the college’s protection of its 2,100-acre Bread Loaf Campus in Vermont. Academics for Land Protection in New England (ALPINE), a land conservation network...Read more »
With cities poised to absorb all of the world’s population growth in the next few decades, sustainable urban development will only be possible with more robust systems for generating, spending and managing local government funds. That’s the message of a new United Nations policy framework, drafted...Read more »
Northeastern University political science professor Benedict S. Jimenez shared the results of an ambitious customized survey of cities on their strategies for dealing with fiscal stress, at Lincoln House just before the holidays. Results show an emphasis on cutting expenditures over revenue-raising...Read more »
When it comes to understanding public well-being, planners and policymakers have a limited set of tools at their disposal – most commonly Census data, surveys and polls that are often conducted at great cost, and economic indicators such as unemployment rates. With the rapid adoption of social...Read more »
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