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  1. Improving the Property Tax by Expanding Options for Monthly Payments

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    Enero 2018

    Register for a webinar based on this paper on February 1, 2018, 2:00–3:00 EST. For roughly half of U.S. homeowners, the property tax is unlike practically any other bill or tax because it is...

  2. Asymmetry in Municipal Government Responses in Growing vs. Shrinking Counties with Focus on Capital Spending

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    Noviembre 2017
    Biswa Das and Mark Skidmore 

    Spending by municipal governments in the United States increased by more than 250 percent between 1972 and 2012, faster than population growth (48 percent increase) and growth in median household...

  3. An Evaluation Framework for the Use of Scenarios in Urban Planning

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    Noviembre 2017
    Robert Goodspeed

    Professionals in urban planning have increasingly adopted scenario planning methods for projects that address urban land use, transportation, economic development, resilience, and other issues. This...

  4. Investing in Collections Software to Allow for Monthly Property Tax Payments

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    Octubre 2017
    Vincent Reitano

    Local governments across the United States rely on property taxes for a significant share of revenue. Administration of the property tax typically includes annual or semi-annual collection. This...

  5. The Development of Copycat Towns in China

    An Initial Analysis of Their Economic, Social, and Environmental Implications
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    Octubre 2017
    Daniel Sui, Bo Zhao, and Hui Kong

    The great urban leap forward in China during the past four decades has dramatically transformed the Chinese landscape across the country as well as Chinese society in many profound ways. By situating...

  6. Una hacienda local pobre: los determinantes de la recaudación predial en México

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    Octubre 2017
    Mónica Unda Gutiérrez

    What explains variation in property tax collection in Mexico? This project explores economic, political, and administrative factors explaining the level of property tax collection through a mixed-...

  7. Institutional Innovation and Rural Land Reform in China

    The Case of Chengdu
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    Septiembre 2017
    Raul P. Lejano and Hongping Lian

    China has embarked on an important institutional experiment in the area of rural land reform. Responding to lagging rural incomes and the scarcity of developable urban land, the Central Government...

  8. Inclusionary Housing in the United States

    Prevalence, Impact, and Practices
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    Septiembre 2017
    Emily Thaden and Ruoniu Wang

    Inclusionary housing refers to any programs or policies that require or incentivize the creation of affordable housing when new development occurs, including impact or linkage fees that generate...

  9. Urban Property and Land Taxation in Argentina

    The Challenge of Decentralization
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    Agosto 2017
    Cynthia Goytia and Marcela Cristini

    The unsatisfactory operation of the fiscal federalism in Argentina has resulted in new reform initiatives to reduce the imbalances between collections of own resources and expenditures between the...

  10. Evaluating the Effect of Differences in Revenue Systems on the Fiscal Health of Large U.S. Cities

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    Junio 2017

    Sustainable fiscal health is crucial for cities. To do this, they must be able to generate flows of revenue over time sufficient to pay for needed services, even as the cost of those services grows....


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