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UN-Habitat III: Quito, Ecuador

Beginning in 2014, the Lincoln Institute participated in a number of initiatives to help set the agenda for the United Nations Human Settlements Program’s (UN-Habitat) Habitat III Summit which was held in Quito, Ecuador, in October of 2016. These efforts culminated in a set of events and activities that the Lincoln Institute either directly organized or co-organized to highlight key themes ranging from Municipal Fiscal Health, to land value capture, to the role of academia in aftermath of the Summit. Some of the key events the Institute participated in focused on the policy unit paper on municipal finance and local fiscal systems that the Lincoln Institute coauthored for UN-Habitat. This paper outlines the fiscal challenges facing municipalities around the world and frames global policy recommendations related to the following components of municipal finance:

  • The financial rules of the game
  • Expenditure responsibilities
  • Local revenue sources
  • Financial management
  • Municipal borrowing

As a member of this policy unit, the Lincoln Institute supports the implementation of a New Urban Agenda that strengthens local fiscal systems and provides a sound financial base for the urban future we need. 

Habitat III Policy Unit Paper