Planning and Urban Form

Armando Carbonell, Senior Fellow and Chair

Amy Cotter, Associate Director of Urban Programs​

Hallah Elbeleidy, Program Coordinator

Janae Futrell, Decision Support Fellow

Jessie Grogan, Program Manager of Urban Development Programs

Laura Johnson, Director, International Land Conservation Network

Karen Liao, Program Manager

James N. Levitt, Associate Director of Conservation Programs

Emily P. Myron, Project Manager, International Land Conservation Network

Peter Pollock, FAICP, Ronald Smith Fellow and Manager of Western Programs

Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler, Project Coordinator for Land Conservation Programs

Lauren Wolinsky, Program Assistant


Valuation and Taxation

Daphne A. Kenyon, Ph.D., Resident Fellow in Tax Policy

Adam H. Langley, Senior Research Analyst

Semida Munteanu, Senior Program Manager

Sally Powers, Fellow

Andrew Reschovsky, Research Fellow

Joan Youngman, Senior Fellow and Chair

Sydney Zelinka, Program Assistant


International and Institute-Wide Initiatives

Jenna DeAngelo, Program Manager

Lourdes Germán, Director

Rohan Kocharekar, Resident Fellow

Shenmin Liu, Research Assistant

Luis Quintanilla, Junior Fellow

Sena Segbedzi, Policy Analyst

Ge Vue, Instructional Designer


Program on the People’s Republic of China

Kate Austermiller, Program Manager

Shenmin Liu, Research Assistant

Zhi Liu, Senior Fellow and Director


Program on Latin America and the Caribbean

Mariana Babine, Program Assistant

Anne Hazel, Program Coordinator

Stephanie Peña, Events Coordinator

Veronica Schmidt-Chang, Program Manager

Enrique Silva, Fellow and Associate Director

Martim O. Smolka, Senior Fellow and Director


Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy

Jim Holway, Director

Bailey Kennett, Program Manager

Paula Randolph, Associate Director​

Amelia Stier, Program Coordinator


Center for Community Investment

Katie Grace Deane, Associate Director for Research and Development

Kate Dykgraaf, Director of Operations

Alyia S.P. Gaskins, Assistant Director of Programs/Health

Robin Hacke, Executive Director

Olivia Neubert, Program Assistant

Maya Oaks, Center Fellow – Health

Omar Carrillo Tinajero, Center Fellow     


Public Affairs

Anthony Flint, Fellow and Director

Will Jason, Communications Manager



Maureen Clarke, Vice President of Publications and Communications​

Emily McKeigue, Managing Editor

Susan Pace, Production Editor



Ellen Cremens, Receptionist and Office Services Coordinator

Dione Etter, Vice President of Investment and Board Management, Corporate Secretary

Luzmín Fernández-Saldaña, Customer Relations and Content Systems Manager

Helen Haas, Executive Administrative Assistant

Joseph Houley, Staff Accountant and Procedures Analyst

Elaine Huff, Contracts Assistant and Data Specialist

Gan Jin, Senior Accountant

Shirlynn Jones, Office Support / Events Manager

Scott Kinkade, Information Technology Manager

Sheung Lam, Accountant

Kathryn LincolnBoard Chair and Chief Investment Officer

George W. McCarthy, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Robinson, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Ruth Terry, Receptionist

Yonhui Um, Senior Contracts Manager

Levering White, Vice President, Administration and Human Resources

Yi Zhang, Assistant Accountant